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Post02/21/2009 at 12:45pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Help with Flash Intro pls..

Can anyone tell me how to edit the Weiter to Enter for the iintro?
I think it's in German but as I do not speak this I really want to put it into english with the rest of the text....

Any suggestions here would help please Smile

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Post02/26/2009 at 11:44am (UTC)    
Post subject: Button


To change the word "weiter" (which is german for continue) you just need to type in whatever it is you want in the part where it says "change skip intro button" when editing the flash intro.

Post03/05/2009 at 8:33pm (UTC)    
Post subject:

here it is it and test first is hard...first mistakes....but then u'll master all...goodluck is very simple...

Tutorial - How 2 Add Intro 2 Ur WebSite

- first create an account on this address
- now create an .swf file , i mean the intro file

software :

aleo flash intro banner maker
flash 4d
flash intro maker

- i've exampled those 'cause i use them and they are quite good....u can use whatever software u want
- after making that .swf file save it as .swf
ex: intro.swf
- now upload it to that account created at
- and after the upload has finished u'll get a link....well copy that link into a notepad or to clipboard
note: if u want 2 see ur project after the upload was finished just clic ok and pree on ur file to load and there is ur project
- now remember that u have to paste that link into this address and choose flash
- now where u see "Server " and "File Path" apste that link from the .swf file u have uploaded to
- and also set some properties on "width" and"height" select the one u like
- and on alignment set it to center or left....u get it
- after all press "submit" and u'll get an embeded code
- copy the code into a notepad ....copy the code whitout <?> Copy & paste the following... the rest is good
- so now log into ur account on
- and "manage extras/add extra" and select "intro page" and add
- now "manage extras/intro page/edit intro"" and where u see "Enter text to be shown before the Enter button:" on the right there's a button called "maximize"
- prees that button and after that press the "source " button and paste the embeded code that u received from and paste it on a notepad file...
- press again "source" and now "maximize" and save ....that's it

note: it's not hard ....only the first time...after 2-3 intro u'll be good luck


- u can add also flash files into website into ur pages ... whenever on ur right side panel by pasting the embeded code
- and into ur main pages...i've tested only when u create a new page...i mean "add new page" and in here is simple


- first upload ur .swf to and u'll get a link code...well copy that one
- and now enter on "manage pages/ur page" and u see that button called "insert /edit flash"
- press it and paste the link from the .swf file uploaded on into the "info" tab on "url"
- on "width" and "height" just select the one's u like
- and now press "ok"
- now u can see a flash into ur page it and select into the tools the "center justify"
- this way ur flash will be centered...if u dont want it select "left justify".....well now u get it
...that's it...enjoy

read: this site can store also mp3/mp4/gif..etc
if u have an mp3 palyer on ur site u can host the files on this site ..etc


best wishes...
Post07/20/2009 at 10:12am (UTC)    
Post subject: oops...

thanks guys, i had actually forgotten i had posted that.. i've now copied an saved your hints on how to do this and will try it over the next couple of days.. Smile

cheers Smile

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