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Registration court: Charlottenburg District Court
Company registration number: HRB 244053 B
VAT registration number: DE 256 811 998

Sven Lubek (linkedin), Chief Executive Officer (CEO)



Fax: +49 911 56922541

webme only offers support by email and on the forum.
We don't use an expensive hotline, so we can continue offering the platform for free.


If you're unsure what abuse is, please send your request to
our support email address (see "webme support" above).
Please use the following address for abuse notifications only:



webme endeavours at all times to comply with the legal requirements for the
protection of minors. If you have complaints or remarks about the protection
of minors undertaken by webme, please contact our Youth Protection Officer:


Investigative authorities:

webme considers close cooperation with investigative authorities to be very
important. We will therefore always give high priority to processing your
enquiries. Please note that we treat user information with the greatest
confidentiality and will therefore only divulge such information for compelling
reasons and in response to a written request.


PDF: Enquiry-from-investigative-authority.pdf
Word: Enquiry-from-investigative-authority.doc


webme GmbH reserves all rights to its own editorial texts, images, photos and
graphics as well as to the overall design including layout, script and colour
arrangements. The duplication and use of this information and/or data and material
and of any form of copy or reproduction whatsoever requires the prior written
consent of webme GmbH. Legal action will be taken against any infringement.

Please see our General Terms and Conditions of Business for the legal basis
and framework of our web-sites.


webme GmbH accepts no liability for the content of the material posted by users;
this applies particularly to cases in which the contents which are posted by
users infringe third party intellectual property rights (trade mark rights,
copyright, etc.) or third party personal rights.
This disclaimer applies in equal measure to the content of Internet sites to
which users have established links without the knowledge of webme GmbH. webme
GmbH therefore accepts no liability for the timeliness, accuracy, completeness
or quality of the information provided there and hereby expressly disassociates
itself from such content.

It is also impossible for webme GmbH to constantly check the contents posted by
users and the linked third party sites; it is also not reasonable for webme GmbH
to undertake such action without concrete evidence of wrongdoing. However,
should webme GmbH become aware of content which is harmful to minors or is in
breach of the law, such content will be immediately removed.

Complaint Procedure via Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers (ODR) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):

Complaint Procedure via Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers (ODR):
We are not obliged and not willing to participate in an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) before a consumer complaint office that is appointed as an ADR-entity.

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