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Post03/05/2010 at 3:05pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Subject HEELLPPP = Inefective Subject

Hello OFW Community,

Please, please, please do not post threads with the subject of HELLLPPPP, or Please I need help, or any varient therof. When one is posting a thread it is assumed that you have a problem that your are trying to solve. So to help facilitate the process of recieving a quick and helpful answer, try making your subject related to your problem. In this case a user browsing the forum might see your problem and be able to help you. The other way he/she may never know your problem because they aren't going to click on every thread with a pointless indescriptive subject. So everyone please do yourselves and the community a favor and use subject related subjects.

Thanks and have fun with OFW,

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