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Post05/14/2009 at 6:36pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Need help about a shopping cart

Hello. I need some help on adding a Shopping Cart on my free-Website.
I need to know how can i add a free shoping cart that isn't linked with an e-paying site like PayPal. Also i dont want to do the paying through credit card. I want to be paid by "cash on delivery" and be informed for my customer's informations and shopping list through an e-mail and do the job like this.
Is there anything like this that i can use ?
Thanks beforehand.
Post10/30/2009 at 5:53pm (UTC)    
Post subject:

Hmmm ! I Don't Understand you ? What are you say ?
Post10/30/2009 at 7:20pm (UTC)    
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no way to do that in ofw coz no PHP codes here
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