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Post11/08/2006 at 1:24am (UTC)    
Post subject: "Text at top of page" not works for GOOGLE!

Problem is same as my last post, i have added GOOGLE <HTML> code in "text at top of page" section (Advanced setting are OK) and checked in the webmaster tools of google, it says like this:
Verification status: NOT VERIFIED
Last attempt Nov 7, 2006: The verification meta tag is in the wrong location on the page. It must be within the first <HEAD> section of the page.
We offer two methods of verification. You can either upload an HTML file with a name we specify, or you can add a META tag to your site's index file. Choose your preferred method below.
(any of the mentioned options, that work please tell me!!!)
Post11/08/2006 at 3:16pm (UTC)    
Post subject: <<<<<< cHECK iT >>>>>>&g

Post11/08/2006 at 9:06pm (UTC)    
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If you want to add your page to Google, just type in your webaddress here:
You don't need to add anything in your head section.
If you want to add google adsense on your page, I have to say: Sorry, but you can't put meta tags in the head-section...
Post11/09/2006 at 8:45am (UTC)    
Post subject:

just got your PM sorry, looks like its been answered
Post11/10/2006 at 10:45am (UTC)    
Post subject: Please answer

Mr. Fritz i want to ask , is there any other option to add ur website rather than i mean, good websites are properly configured and optimized according to popular search engines like msn,yahoo & google. Best way to check whether ur website is added in google is throgh google webmaster tools , google webmaster tools say that i want to verify your website and it checks this by saying to add some code in it or add googlexxxxxxxxxx.html page. lets say first option is out which is adding google code, another option is googlexxxxxxx.html page , your pages are with extension *.htm . I want a single page with *.html extension, how can i add a page with .html extension in my website area? another question is i want to add my site map to google in *.txt format by putting this in my website, how this could be done?[/img]
Post11/19/2006 at 2:57pm (UTC)    
Post subject:

Already answered this question on another post Wink Please do not doublepost.
Post06/06/2007 at 2:23pm (UTC)    
Post subject:


I appreciate this information, but have looked extensively and have not found a post that actually works. Lots of people saying things but none of them work!
Fritz wrote:
Already answered this question on another post Wink Please do not doublepost.
Post06/07/2007 at 1:22pm (UTC)    

Yes, I see that you say people that are purchasing pay per click programs with google are just out of luck. But isn't it good for when we are purchasing traffic for our pages? I mean, doesn't that give your advertisers higher exposure?

I would ask that you consider if it might not be in the company's best interest to enable people like us to be able to use our paid advertising to its highest potential.


Fritz wrote:
Already answered this question on another post Wink Please do not doublepost.
Post06/14/2007 at 9:06am (UTC)    
Post subject:

this dosent help ,do you guys mean that when we ahve adsence our site will not show on google ,if there is a way can someone please post your creative ideas Sad
Post02/26/2009 at 9:26am (UTC)    
Post subject: wery wery limited

To you my webmasters of this page,you ansver is true Fritz but you know this is weary weary limited look another sites what they offer i think that it is stupid that you terminate other acounts,that you dont give biger premisions to site makers whats this comunism i only read what other people write sory only true
Post02/27/2009 at 8:57pm (UTC)    
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