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Post12/16/2014 at 12:07pm (UTC)    
Post subject: New file-upload: image, file and gallery management revamped


a few users already noticed:
We completely revamped the image, file and gallery management!

Here’s a short overview of the new features:

- File upload is now significantly more stable than before. If you’re told the file was uploaded successfully, you can be sure it’ll definitely be available.
- Upload is significantly faster than before.
- A progress bar now shows you the progress of your upload.
- You can upload up to 5 files simultaneously. Maybe even more in the future.
- You can now upload your files (even several simultaneously) via Drag & Drop.
- File names may now contain special characters (spaces, German umlauts, Russian glyphs, Turkish characters – they all work!)
- Images may now be up to 10 MB in size! (limit used to be 2 MB)
- For every image upload, you can manually select if a file should be resized or not. The standard settings can be found under Settings => Manage images
- Filters in all file lists: Under “Images”, for example, on the top right you can enter a filter like “Vacation”. Now, you’ll only see images with the word “vacation” in their file names.
- Change sorting order: Some of our users have uploaded hundreds of images. To get a better overview, you can now sort your image list by file name (alphabetically A-Z or Z-A) or by file size (small to large or large to small). To do so, simply click the corresponding title of the table under “Images”.
- Skimming: Those of you who have uploaded many images will (hopefully Wink) enjoy the skimming feature: You can now view up to 50 pictures per page.
- Animated GIFs are now displayed correctly: You can now upload animated GIFs. These stay animated and, additionally, be automatically scaled if you want, to fit into your website’s layout.
- Sorting of gallery images: If you’ve activated “Gallery” in the extras, you can now click the button next to the category and then change the order of its pictures simply via Drag & Drop.
- Automatic rotation of photos taken with the camera rotated*
- Removal of EXIF-data: EXIF-data describes additional information about pictures. These are saved automatically within the image files by most digital cameras, invisible to the viewer. For privacy reasons, we remove this data after the upload, because many users don’t realize this data can contain private information (depending on the camera).

Following in a few weeks / days:
- Preview images for all your uploaded images
- Possibly more than 5 simultaneous uploads
- Possibility to delete / move several files at once

Have fun with the new features!
Your own-free-website team!

*For the photography experts among you: We retreive the correct orientation of pictures from the EXIF-data in the files. Most digital cameras (including, e.g. iPhones) include information about a photo’s orientation in the EXIF-data.
Post12/20/2014 at 9:45pm (UTC)    
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Thanks Smile
Post01/01/2015 at 2:37pm (UTC)    
Post subject: mp3 dj song

Post01/02/2015 at 12:33pm (UTC)    
Post subject: fail

i can't upload file and images. Confused Sad
my program is total wrong for uploading and download can help me upload programs and download programs Wink
Post01/26/2015 at 10:08am (UTC)    
Post subject: Pix Up-loading

Thank you for the up-grades!
Post01/27/2015 at 11:17pm (UTC)    
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I can't find the pictures that I upload in my gallery only those one that have been there before
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