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Post11/28/2014 at 2:37am (UTC)    
Post subject: Whats new ?


<p style="padding:5px;background:#ffa000;"></p><br /><p style="font-size:34px;">Whom are you looking for ?</p><p style="padding:4px;background:#ffa000;"></p><br /><p style="color:#808000;">Just enter the name in the search box.</p><p style="padding:4px;background:#888;"></p><br /><p style="color:#700000;">What's today ?</p><br /><p><img src="" width="215" height="300" alt="smith-001.jpg" /></p><br /><p style="color:#600000;">Will Smith</p><p>Will Smith is an American actor, producer and musician. He ranked the most bankable star by Forbes and is the only actor to the film industry to have eight consecutive films gross over $100 million in the domestic box office and 11 gross over $150 million internationaly. Smith is involved with television, film and music. He also known as a rapper as The Fresh Prince.</p><br /><p><img src="" width="100" height="100" alt="logo-c.jpg" /></p><p style="font-size:34px;margin-top:0;margin-left:15px;color:#ffa000;">Denord</p>
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