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Post07/16/2014 at 12:55pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Functions of Own-Free-Website's Main Menu

Visitors and users see main menu which consists of 'register - board - example pages - premium upgrades - login, as soon as they visit

1 -> Register: Everybody can see register page! When visitors register by filling the registeration form in this page, Own-free-website users can create an another page for them!
Go to for registering:
A basic tutorial for registering:

2 -> Board: Everybody can see board page! When registered users can open topics on board, users can't! They can just read the topics.
Go to for board:
A basic tutorial for board:

3 - > Example Pages: The websites which are created on, take place in the Example Pages.
Go to for example pages:
A basic tutorial for example pages:

4 -> Premium Upgrades: Registered users can upgrade their websites in this page!
Go to for premium upgrades:
A basic tutorial for premium upgrades:

5 -> Login: users can login here and after the logginning they can see page and image editors; extras and settings.
Go to for loginning:
A basic tutorial for loginning:

Have Fun!
- If you love your own-free-website, fight against to spams and spammers! Please support us, let's remove all the spammers together! We don't want to see spams and spammers on OFW board!

- The only language of the board is English / Englisch / Anglaise / Ingl├ęs / Inglese / İngilizce / Angielski / Английский / Αγγλικά / 英语 / 英语简体英文. So please write in just English!

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