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how can i get my website verified to any search engine- like Google , yahoo,e.t.c.
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please read this post:

Why can't I find my site on Google?

There are many possible reasons why you can't find your site on Google.
First of all, the search engine has to experience that your site exists.
To find out whether Google already knows your site, google "". Should Google list your website, the search engine already knows your site.
Should Google not know your site: Google usually experiences it automatically because Google follows so-called "web crawler" links in the Internet. This means that if some websites have placed a link to your site, your website will be listed faster by Google of course.

How can I improve the position of my site on Google?

If you search for keywords such as "homepage for free" on Google, Google will list sites that fit the best to the keywords, according to the opinion of the search engine.
The Google algorithm is very complex and the positions of the results depend on very many factors.
This topic is so complex that many firms deal with the topic of "SEO" (search engine optimization).
Basically you can say that it's no waste to have many relevant contents of a specific topic on your website. The more text and contents your website offers, the more relevant Google finds your site for a specific subject area.
Furthermore, it is important that many links from other homepages lead to your website.
A simple "trick" for doing so, is to ask befriended website operaters (="webmaster") to place a link to your website. Theses links often appear on their own, should you have a site with interesting contents. The reason for this is that other people, who also deal with your topic might link the contents, should they find it interesting and should they want to share it with the users of their homepage.

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