Why can't I find my website in Google?

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There are different reasons why you can't find a website in Google.

Does Google already know your site?

The search engine first of all has to acknowledge that your site exists. You can find out if Google knows your website by googling "site:yourusername.page.tl". If Google then lists your website, the search engine already knows your website.

If Google doesn't know your site: Google usually finds out automatically by following so-called "Crawler" links through the internet. That means that if websites have linked your websites, your website will of course be listed faster in Google.

Age of the homepage

If you have just recently registered on Own-Free-Website.com, and in the worst case haven’t published any texts or edited any sites, then the search engine won’t be able to find you, if you enter your websites name in the search field.

Content of your website

What is most important for finding your website with a search engine like Google is the content. "Content is king!", this means "the content is really important!", especially nowadays.

What should the search engine "read" on your website if you have hardly published any to no content? Correct, nothing. Even pictures won’t be much of a help because the "Crawlers" don’t look at pictures, they only find text contents.

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