How can I improve the position of my website in Google?

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If you search Google for keywords such as "free website" Google will list its results that fit the best, according to the search engine, to your keywords. The Google algorithm is very complex and the position of its results depends on many factors. The topic is so complex that there are many companies that deal only with "SEO" ("search engine optimiziation").

Basics on improving your positions in search engines

Generally speaking, you can say it doesn't hurt to have a lot of relevant content to one specific topic on your website. The more text and content your website offers, the more relevant Google will find your website to one specific topic.

It is also important that many links from other websites dealing with the same topic as your website, lead to your website. A simple "trick" is to ask website operators you know ("Webmaster") to link your website.

By the way, these links often come by themselves if you have a good website with interesting content. The reason is that other people dealing with the same topic might link your website if they find your content interesting and want to share it with their visitors.

You can find further information about improving your position in search engines such as Google & co in our category search engine optimiziation (SEO).

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