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Post06/03/2009 at 1:45pm (UTC)    
Post subject: PLS an extra need!

Hi! I'm again.. This time i want to ask something else.. And this is the log in page i mean i want people te log in and look pages that unregistered can't... I have read here that i can change the contact form to register page but my site this contact form Is for other thing(for submitting demos).. Can someone help me how people to register apart from the contact form Mad
Post06/03/2009 at 8:27pm (UTC)    
Post subject: well,

well, the extra you are telling is already available in ofw. to use it
login to ofw
click on "manage extras" and then
click on "add extra"
and choose "hidden pages" and do the required setup.

and i think for the registration page. you can tell peoples to send a email to you to send demos. and then you can use the current page to for registration purpose.
Post07/28/2009 at 2:34pm (UTC)    
Post subject:

There is not any registration form here. Yes, there is. But it is board extra too. This means someone can register your board but not hidden pages!

I agree with Pshycic. I have the same idea, too. Write some notes in the right boxes about registering. Example: 'Hello, Hope you are good! We have some hidden pages and only registered users can see them! If you want to see hidden pages, please register here. For registering send us just a mail with your registration infos. ..
Our mail =

Yes, that is all! Have Fun.
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