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Post04/07/2009 at 9:35pm (UTC)    
Post subject: How to put music on your website

Is there anybody who can tel me how to put music on my website.
I need a player + song.
Please explane step by step.
Post04/08/2009 at 3:23am (UTC)    
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Post04/08/2009 at 6:25am (UTC)    
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or enter

create an account and choose ur mp3 player

upload ur own mp3 by selecting the upload button when creating ur playlist ...and
by this place ur url to ur mp3's hosted at

after that u'll get an embeded code that u'll paste on ur website ...
Post04/08/2009 at 9:21pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Continue play

Ok, the musicplayer is on the website but it stops between changing pages. Is it possibel that the music keeps playing while you're visiting the website and goes from one page to another ?
Post04/09/2009 at 7:48am (UTC)    
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well u can't do anything about playing when loading another page even if u have a radio or a mp3 player .... i've tested and it works like a charm another way ....but is more advanced ...if ur familiar there's no problem at all's the way

........ first choose the CSS design general unpopular

now create a website in macromedia flash or flash cs4 or csm or css wizard or if u know how to add and modify a free flash template u can insert it there and after doing that u can aplly as many radios or mp3 players 'cause they wont interupt during changing pages

why ? cause u aply that webiste in flash or template in flash and that is on the main homepage so others pages are already implemented in it so if u change to any page u change inside ur flash .... get it?

..... so the mp3 player it's like he's the only one on the website that's why it doesn't see the problem .... hope u got ur answer

...or add a background music for it in the forum ... but it's not working all the time ....
Post04/10/2009 at 2:41pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Re:

I think is a good ideea to create my own flash player...interesting.Thanks spaiu-stefan-valentin . Smile

Post04/11/2009 at 6:02am (UTC)    
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with pleasure
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