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Post subject: sculpture and architecture

In the purchase process, wood, sculpture and architecture of these three processes is the need to focus view, they can help you quickly identify the level of quality and design of furniture. 1 timber, wood finishes observe the lines methods: touch finish, observe the lines are Outdoor Tongue Groove Decking clear and natural continuity. Asked finishes wood species and compare prices. About finishes process: Wood finishes can make beautiful wood grain pattern using more flexible, sophisticated beautiful fan-shaped, square decorative border decorative pattern or mosaic pieces can only finish production.

Wood finishes used to help control the expansion and contraction of the wood, the use of the interaction between the stable cross-grain wood. Since the grain of the wood are stretched in the longitudinal direction, and finishes have three or five of the wood grain perpendicular to thewood plastic polystyrene respective bonding helps to avoid wood stretching deformation. 2, percussion and wood structural parts to observe: percussion cabinet frame, bed support. Are observe all dried, with or without cracking. Asks wood species, origin, treatment process. About wood craft: wood there are many, such as pine or oak. Pine belongs to cork, based on the evergreen pines.

This wood texture sloppy porous surface is easy to depression. Due to the rapid growth of evergreen wood, and therefore cheaper. Hardwoods such as cherry, oak, maple, are drawn from deciduous trees, grainy close delicate, sturdy wood. These trees growing season long, as the raw material they are usually much more expensive than cork. Carving Class 1, and touch engraving Methods: engravings whether structured, fine carving extent, the ratio is appropriate, whether or not integrated with the furniture. Whether the corner coherent. About carving: beautiful carved wood details, you can add three-dimensional and dramatic furniture. Early on, craftsmen furniture production byoutdoor innovation fencing Malta adding artistic details, so stiff timber has a lovely shape into furniture. The original furniture is carved in geometric patterns cut into the wood. With the improvement of technology, it becomes more beautiful carvings, often to capture some of the elements of nature, flower, leaves and vines. 2, to identify topics carving methods: Identification of carving theme use it properly, pay attention to listen furniture sales presentation and interpretation is correct.
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