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Post01/22/2015 at 9:08am (UTC)    
Post subject: New features: Manage images with preview, EXIF-data, etc.


thank you so much for all the suggestions during the last days!
We’re always listening to your feedback – and now we’ve put your ideas into practice!

1) Image management now contains preview images to facilitate managing them!

2) When clicking the insert-image-button under “Pages” more than once, the system used to revert to the “General” category every time. Not anymore! The system now remembers where you left off and starts you right where you need to be.

3) When uploading, the EXIF-data is usually stripped from your images automatically, for privacy reasons. A few users didn’t want that, so now you can deactivate this option under Settings => Manage images.

More features will follow!

Benjamin Lochmann
Post05/06/2015 at 12:34pm (UTC)    
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Sad Smile Smile Sad
Raj Vaibhav
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