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Post09/03/2013 at 9:34pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Comments - letters with ˇ

I am using Extras Comments, but letters like ě, ¨, č, ř, ¸ and other with ˇ doesn´t work, can you help me?
Post09/18/2013 at 9:48pm (UTC)    
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As you know, letters such as ě, ¨, č, ř, ¸ and other special characters are not international. They are specific so they may appear just in the countries which use them. Your country and the others may not support these special letters and characters.

OK!? Also, I posted a message in your home page by using ě, ¨, č, ř, ¸ as ozlemtekin. As I see they work, don't they?

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