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Post11/24/2008 at 6:58pm (UTC)    
Post subject: How to verify your website? (Google)

* How to verify your websites?
* Where can you paste the google verify code?

You should paste Google verification code to the CSS-Code without Style Tags: area in the CSS Design!
As i see everybody s using iceblue, red, butterfly, flash and the other layouts now. But you should choose CSS layout for a short time..

For this;
Click edit design,
choose CSS-Design in the Base design area
then click Extended settings
you will see CSS-Code without Style Tags area..
first paste the following code there,

after then, paste your verification code.
lastly click save button.
Now your website has just verified by Google..
After all steps you can use your previous layout again..

Good Luck Wink

Note : I tried all steps above and Google verified my web site:DD

Have A Nice Time Razz Razz
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