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Post subject: Frequent questions about the Premium Package Ad-free

Here we answer your frequent questions about the "Premium Package Ad-free".


How can I remove advertising from my website?
If you don't like advertising on your website, you can the "Premium Package Ad-free". Click on the link to find out how to the Premium Package in three easy steps:

Remove ads - your website adfree!

Which benefits do I get with a Premium Package Ad-free?
No more ads on your website, in the admin panel and in the forum. You're allowed to put your own ads on your website.

How much does the Premium Package cost?
It costs 2,90 Euro per month - 34,80 Euro per year. There's no setup fee. The price is the same as for users in Germany.

How can I pay?
To know how to the Premium Package in three easy steps, click on the following link:
Remove ads - your website adfree!
What kind of payment do you accept?
For the moment we accept only PayPal. You can use a lot of payment methods with PayPal. If you want to know which ones are available, click on:

Do I have to pay the Premium Package monthly or annually?
Annualy, the payment is done in advance for a whole year (12 months).

If I am on the payment page and can't see any content. How can I see it?
Some browsers (i.e. Chrome) and pop-up blockers don't let you see any content. In order to see the content, please use another browser (Firefox) and deactivate the pop-up blocker, if you're using one.
In how many countries is the Premium Package available?
It is available in 190 countries. You find a list on:

Is there an introductory offer too?
Yes, there is. You get the Premium Package for 29,90 Euro instead of 34,80 Euro. And we pay the setup fee for you.
Will my Premium Package automatically renew?
Yes, it will. If you want to terminate prematurely, please send us a termination letter until 4 weeks before the contract ending by Post or Fax.

From which age am I allowed to an Premium Package?
You have to be at least 12 years old.

I've ordered a Premium Package. When will my website be ad-free?
Your website will be adfree in no more the than 5 days.

How can I receive an invoice for my Premium Package?
We'll prepare an invoice as soon as we will activate the Premium Package. If you want to receive the invoice, please write us:

Will my website be reachable also in case I quit my Premium Package?
Your website is absolutely independent from your Premium Package. It was reachable before you activated the Premium Package, and so it will be after you quit the Premium Package. You will loose only the benefits related to Premium Package.

When will you offer other Premium Package (i.e. with domain)?
We'll surely do it, but we don't know when. It also depends on how many Premium Packages Ad-free we sell. Other Premium upgrades of Premium Package Ad-free will be available in the future.

Why is only one Premium Package available?
It was simplier and faster for us to create an Premium Package Ad-free instead of an Premium Package with domain. That's the reason why we decided to start with only one Premium Package.

I want to quit my Premium Package. What should I do?
You should send us a termination until 4 weeks before the contract ending.

I have other questions, where will I get an answer?
We are looking forward to answer your questions and notes via e-mail to:
______________ &
are webme GmbH's projects.
Support Email:

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