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Post11/10/2011 at 3:14pm (UTC)    
Post subject: [Tutorial] - Disable Layer (Pop up)

En este tutorial explicare como desactivar el Pop Up que se abre al entrar a nuestro sitio web

Step 1
In the Start menu, let's go to Deactivate ads

Step 2
Then we take you to a page where we show 3 options.

+Activate layer and pop-under.: It tells us if we activate the pop up.
+ Activate layer.: It tells us if we have enabled Layer
+Deactivate layer and pop-under for 7 days free of charge: This is to disable the popup that comes out to enter the site. pop Up
We will choose
- Deactivate layer and pop-under for 7 days free of charge.
The pop up only off by 7 Days *
And we click on Save

Done this, when we go to our website will not see more pop up for 7 days.

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