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Post09/21/2008 at 11:41pm (UTC)    
Post subject: html code for MULTIMEDIA

just to make it simple and easy ...

first TAG is <bgsound>
used for adding sound to your page
works mainly with IE.

<bgsound src="" loop="">
it's mean

<bgsound src="http://www.anyWebsite.any/.../fileName.any" loop="Number">

= As we see this tag has two properties :
src="the source of the file(url)"
loop="the time you want to repeat the sound file"
example : loop="2" two times, loop="9" nine times
loop="infinite" it'll never stop forever

second TAG is <embed>
for flash and video and also sound

<embed src="" width="" height="" autostart="" loop="" hidden="">

note : sure you want your visitors to control your multimedia file
by play or pause even if they like to STOP it so you need
the - PLUG IN - on visitors PC ... this code search for the plug in
in the visitors PC and ask him to download it if don't find it ...

<embed src="http://www.anyWebsite.any/.../fileName.any"
 width="number" height="number" autostart="true or false"
 loop="true or false" hidden="true or false"><noembed>You must have
  Quick Time program download it www,quicktime,com</noembed>

let us explain properties :
width and height for the multimedea area of the web page
autostart if false that mean the visitors will start the video
if true the file will play alone but it's better
to let the user start your file.
loop if false it's mean that the file play once and stop
if true the file play forever
hidden it's very grave
if true it'll hide the plug in so visitors can't control your file
if false visitors can control your file

I wish i write some thing useful
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