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Post11/18/2009 at 3:14pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Add new extra page to replace old one

]Hi canerfc

i have nearly 90% complete my web. i used the extra for contact form but changed it for my form filling.the problem is after i used that extra i did not have any extra more pages for signup form instead i used from other web creating form to paste onto the new page.
i would like to suggest the team why not you create more extra meaning after we used up that extra page there will be new replacing that particular extra page like some other web creator did, instead of after used up its gone forever. and also there are text colour we could choose and changed for the extra page but i did not see any text sizes that we can toggle them cos we need bigger text size for our viewers to read comfortably.
hope you guys can think of something...... Very Happy

thx for your time and consideration

warmest regards
webmaster singaporehome Wink
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