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Post08/28/2008 at 5:38pm (UTC)    
Post subject: About Flash Intro

,I Really Love the flash intro but i thing makes me annoy too much.,., and that is the last slogan appearing "WEITLER" well i know that this man may be the creator of that flash but it would be no sense if WEITLER will be appear, i want to emphasize my own slogan but i think in ever flash WEITLER is emphasize too MUCH!!,, my suggest is to remove it or make it very small.,....
Post08/29/2008 at 12:37am (UTC)    
Post subject: Hello,

Lets me rephrase the top paragraph in a more readable way:

I really like the flash intro, but the same thing gets annoying after awhile.
The name "WEITLER" appears every time in the flash which has nothing to do with my website, even though that might be a name or a title for the flash originally created by the OFW staff. If you would not mind a quick suggestion then here is what I would do:

1. Make The Flash More Customizable
2. Have The Option To Add Your Own Flash (If Flash Making Is Your Thing)
3. Give The Option To Have An Auto-Forwarding Extra For The Flash Page
Which Will Take You Straight Into Your Homepage, Like @

In all seriousness, "WEITLER" is Emphasized way to often and my ideas
(If Taken Into Account) would better your wonderful website!

- Originally By : ccf-east
- By : Adam
~Vinvid Productions has brought you this info~
Post08/29/2008 at 5:30am (UTC)    
Post subject: default flash

this is the best thing you can do get a dveice for making flash then make ones then put it to your intro..anyway for may it doesnt matter i can make things beautiful with this service even there are only few featured threads....try to visit my simple site and ask me want you want..i will help you if i can..

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