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Post07/22/2008 at 7:51am (UTC)    
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Post07/22/2008 at 8:44am (UTC)    
Post subject: ^_^ v

Love this free web hoster...

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Please don't advertise here your own page - the place for it is "How do you like my page".

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Post07/22/2008 at 9:13am (UTC)    
Post subject: ei..

Post07/22/2008 at 1:00pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Re: hello newbie po!

khalidatique wrote:
what are u doing
kuwento-ko wrote:
thanx for reminding me... Mr. Green
Post07/22/2008 at 8:12pm (UTC)    
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thanks for.........
Post07/23/2008 at 1:21am (UTC)    
Post subject: Come here to get your free .tk doamin for your site

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Chatroh, don't advertise here your domain .tk !!!

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Post07/25/2008 at 10:33am (UTC)    

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Charlieaventura, please don't advertise in this section your own page and earning money ! It's not a place for doing it. You did it few times here. Don't do it again !

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Post07/27/2008 at 9:50pm (UTC)    
Post subject: - Website offline, contact webmaster. Help me Sad

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My answer is: I see everything is OK now with your page. For questions like yours there is another section - General Problems. Please remember about it.

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Post07/28/2008 at 12:31pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Thanks

Thanks for the news!
Post07/29/2008 at 10:55am (UTC)    
Post subject: Thanx OFW

Thanks for everything, told my sister about you guys, was impressed lots. Very Happy
Post07/29/2008 at 11:09am (UTC)    
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nice one
Post07/31/2008 at 3:56pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Re: messages and contact form

Post08/01/2008 at 1:29am (UTC)    

Hello that threads is good you got the right jod and if you ont mind will you make some program to have a member minnie profile as an extra look this will attract more people if we have this in our free 1 gb by the way visit edited by frisomo

mind is better than the eyes

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Post08/01/2008 at 11:11am (UTC)    
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Folks, please only use this thread to answer to the news in the first posting Exclamation okay? Wink
Post08/02/2008 at 8:07pm (UTC)    
Post subject: messages without email address


I have had a few messages where there is not an email address of the sender or only part of the email address. Is there a way to contact them? Thanks!
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