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Post07/05/2008 at 8:49am (UTC)    
Post subject: messages and contact form

Dear community,

we've improved the message function.
From now on the messages sent to your "second accounts" are fowarded to your main account. This includes messages from the contact form on your website.

Furthermore your username is now displayed in contact form messages.
Subjects that visitors fill in into the contact form are marked with the word "contact form".
If the visitor is an OFW-User, its profile is displayed when you click on the name in the contact form message.

Best regards,
Post07/05/2008 at 11:21am (UTC)    
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Post07/05/2008 at 12:34pm (UTC)    
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im glad to hear it Very Happy
***E*** Platoon .:L.O.S.-V *EMBATTLED*:.
Post07/05/2008 at 7:56pm (UTC)    
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what 'second sites'?
Post07/06/2008 at 6:55am (UTC)    
Post subject: hello newbie po!

thanx for reminding me... Mr. Green

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Post07/06/2008 at 7:50am (UTC)    
Post subject: Your becoming great guys

Thank you for reminding me as well.
Well guys out there check me up on my site for more great fun and support to you .
Post07/06/2008 at 9:23am (UTC)    
Post subject: thanks

i was glad to get your answers and your supports, thank you a lot.
freindly IsSaM
Post07/06/2008 at 12:41pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Thanks


This is a fantastic deal yaar.. Thanks a lot for that...
Parameshwaran B
Post07/07/2008 at 12:17am (UTC)    
Post subject:

ok Very Happy
Post07/07/2008 at 4:29am (UTC)    
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Laughing Laughing Thanks
Post07/07/2008 at 1:32pm (UTC)    
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canerfc wrote:
Embarassed Hi this is mithun
Thanks & REgards
Post07/08/2008 at 5:58am (UTC)    
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It Very Happy sounds itnteresting
Post07/08/2008 at 4:22pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Whats going on?

The flash and insert and edit hyperlink buttons dont work, it comed up with undefined
Post07/08/2008 at 5:27pm (UTC)    
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canerfc wrote:
Twisted Evil i love this who ever reads this! Mr. Green
Post07/09/2008 at 2:07pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Re: thanks

ufasenglishinstitutestudentsblog wrote:
i was glad to get your answers and your supports, thank you a lot.
freindly IsSaM
hi u dont know me but i agree whith u. Cool Razz
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