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Post06/19/2007 at 10:20am (UTC)    
Post subject: Change of domain adress?

I wonder if I can change my site adress?
The reason is that I want to have en "easier to remember name".
But can I move all the contents in my site to a new adress?
Or do I have to start over with a new site?

best regards Nickan
Post06/19/2007 at 1:44pm (UTC)    
Post subject:

you will have to start a new page again.

But you can also try to use free domain name services for an easy-to-remember name.
Post09/21/2008 at 7:36am (UTC)    
Post subject:

free domain service in my website
Post10/10/2008 at 10:35pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Reply to change your domain

Go to and register.Domain redirect you domain
Post03/05/2009 at 4:20pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Re: Reply to change your domain

fun-cool-club wrote:
Go to and register.Domain redirect you domain

i can not do the same with
Post03/06/2009 at 4:34pm (UTC)    
Post subject: To ease your transition

Hi nickan. To ease your transition if you still want to make a new page you can save your pages. In Internet Explore right click & choose “View Source”. It will/should bring up “Notepad”. Then go to “File” then “Save as”. (In Firefox just right click & choose “Save page as”) Choose where you want to save it & make sure you put .html (or .htm – I forget) on the end. That will save the html code for you.
Then when/if you make your new site you will have to make a name for each page then click on the pages you just saved & you can copy say, just the middle of the page. Save it. And you can do the same for the hot links you already have too. This should save you some time & is a simple & easy way to backup your pages before you do any radical changes on them in case you mess up you'll have a copy.

Hope this helps,

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