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Post10/30/2006 at 4:44pm (UTC)    

I made my website on microsoft frontpage 2003. And I wanna publish it, but i need a server. So I created this website and I wanna publish my website from frontpage to this website. But it doesn't work. it says:
"Can't open Possible causes:
1) The webserver hasn't installed the FrontPage serverextensions.
2) The webserver is temporarily not in use.
3) If u are making a connection through ur proxyserver, the settings
of your proxyserver are probably incorrect
4) There could have been a fault in the webserver."

Anybody know what I have to do to publish my website. Any help is usefull even if it isn't.

P.S.: Please don't mind any mistakes 'cause my frontpage is in flemish and I have to translate.

Post10/31/2006 at 1:08pm (UTC)    
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