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Post04/19/2007 at 10:23am (UTC)    
Post subject: If you can't see the HTML-Editor...

Hi all,

If the html editor does not appear when editing a page this can have many reasons. Here are the most common solutions:

1) First goto Login -> Personal preferences and make sure that 'Hide HTML-Editor' is set to 'No'.

2) After that, make sure that you have activated Javascript in your Browser.

3) If you use any kind of script-blocking please make sure to unblock and

If the editor is still not there, please try to use another browser.


The html editor is quite big, so if you have a slow connection please wait a few minutes!

Edit Martinp:

if you are having the "fck error loading editor" problem, please tyi this too: press f5 until the editor fck appears.

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