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Post04/19/2007 at 8:38am (UTC)    
Post subject: How to create a gallery

How to create a gallery

Just upload your images to different categories. For uploading to a new category goto Login -> Manage images and select 'Create new category' from the dropdown box. After that uploadyour image(s).

If you uploaded a picture to a wrong category theres no problem. Goto Login ->Manage images. You will see there boxes with the filename of your uploaded images. Right to it is a small green icon () click on that and choose the correct category.

Now goto Login -> Manage extras and select 'Gallery' from the dropdown box. After hitting 'Activate extra' you can configure many things in your gallery and select which categories should be visible there.

Note: You cannot use the 'General' category for your gallery, you will have to create at least one more category.
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