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Post04/17/2007 at 8:53am (UTC)    
Post subject: Please read this BEFORE OPENING A NEW THREAD

Hi, recently this forum has become almost unusable because of a flood of new threads like 'Help', 'HELP ME!!11!!!1'. It's not possible to see what this threads are about without reading them.
Most of the questions in this threads have already been answered... so the search-function of this forum will give many results to threads not answered because there are already threads with the solution for this problems.

So there must be some rules you should follow if you have a problem:

Before you post, please consider the following steps first:

1. Look into Tutorials (<--link). Most of questions 'How can I ...' will be solved there.

2. Use the search-function (<--link) of this forum. There may already be a solution for your problem.

If no answer exists - please create a new thread and put a brief description of your problem into your topic.
In your post describe your problem as exact as you can, you'll see that problems can be solved much faster on that way.

Please use english language for posting, make sure your 'Caps Lock' is not active because READING THINGS LIKE THIS won't help you to get a sooner reply.
Don't use any unneccesary TeXT DECORATIONS as it will make some posts unreadable.

I will not answer on posts with topics like 'Help!', 'I have a problem' or on posts in which i can not determine what problem you have.

Threads with questions already solved in another thread will get deleted (to make the search-function more effective), so if your thread has been deleted consider using the forum search now!

I will also post more tutorials into the tutorials-section. If you want help and got good tutorial send me a pm and i'll add it there (including the original authors name).

Have fun,
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