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Post02/14/2007 at 2:28pm (UTC)    
Post subject: New extra: Favicon


you can now activate a new 'Small extra' (in Login -> Manage extras): Favicon.

A favicon is a little picture a browser displays when visiting your website.

To learn more about favicons look here:

Have fun Smile
Post09/08/2007 at 7:15am (UTC)    
Post subject: Thanks


Thank you for this extra! I will activate it today!
My website will celebrate its 1st year anniversary on this 25th sept 2007.
you are invited to visit its 82 pages and sign my guestbook. You can do it today!

You are most welcome to join my forum. Meetmequick Active discusion board has now 27 registered users and more than 250 posts.
Thanking You for your clicks and visits- 54000 hits soon!

Great Job!THUMBS UP FOR Own-Free-Website Team and Germany Soccer National Team!
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