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Post01/04/2007 at 3:06pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Create pages which are NOT in the navigation bar

Hi Smile
Here's a short tutorial on how to create pages which are not visible in the navigation bar.

1) Activate "hidden pages"
2) Create a login (e.g. username: hidden22)
3) Create a new page called "test". Set it as main page and hidden page (only visible for hidden22)
4) Now create the pages which should not be seen in the nav. bar. Their settings must be:
- Subpage of "test"
- Visible for ALL users (important!)
5) You're done. To access those pages, you have to set a link on your page Smile


6) If you don't want a visible login goto Login -> Manage extras and edit login. Set it as 'Subpage of test' - where test is a page that only your logged in user (eg. 'hidden22') could see.
Post04/19/2007 at 8:55am (UTC)    
Post subject:

Another way:

1) Goto Login -> Manage pages and create a mainpage with name ' ' (one space).

2) Goto Login -> Manage pages and create a subpage of ' '.

If you're done you can see a empty entry in you navigation, but you can't click on it (and therefore not see the subpages). But the pages are accessable with the link you get after saving a page.
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