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Post04/09/2018 at 2:16pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Migrating all homepages to use HTTPS on 7. May 2018

Dear Own-Free-Website Users,

Starting on the 7th May 2018 we are going to start rolling out the use of HTTPS activated websites. This will allow you to keep your data within forms and input fields protected using encryption that HTTPS provides.

In order to ensure that old hyperlinks will still work, we are going to redirect website traffic from HTTP on to HTTPS. Currently, during the transition phase, it will be possible to access your website through both HTTP as well as HTTPS.
Most users do not even notice a change!

Am I going to need to adjust anything?

As long as you have not embedded external sources through the source code editor, everything is going to work without issues. In the event that you have embedded external sources (e.g. widgets) through HTTP (unencrypted) we have already prepared and summarized relevant information inside a tutorial for you. This tutorial will explain how you can prevent or resolve errors that are occurring.

How will I access my web page in the future?

Your webpage can continue to be accessed through , as the user will automatically be redirected to the HTTPS version.

What are the restrictions? These methods are not available and will lead to an error message informing you that the certificate is invalid.
If you are having any more issues, or need help with the migration, you are welcome to contact our support:

Kind regards,

Benjamin Lochmann

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