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Post12/17/2020 at 10:39pm (UTC)    
Post subject: Help Please

Is here any admin, can anyone help me, can i ask an question??
Post12/17/2020 at 11:26pm (UTC)    
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Hello, my name is Ernest, me and my friends used to have a rap group in 2009 and we did some songs, we have now some serious problems because of them, the thing is we need to delete everything related to them in google search and everywhere, the only left songs when i search them is based in your domain, i send an email at and they helped me by deleting a page where a song was still there, now i found some other web pages that have the song there, the web page is OUTDATED it hasnt been updated since 2009 and no one visits them anymore, but the problem is they appear in google search still. So its impossible to find the owners and ask them to remove the songs or the pages. It wont happen a single problem if you could help me by removing those websites or the songs. I will show you the web sites the song name and everything and hope you could help by removing them PLEASE.

and the song name is Koomit ft Nastie,Lyrics Hood dhe Marshall - Sa her

you can find it here

Your staff helped me by deleting a page once so now im asking if you could delete these ones too, i promise they are OUTDATED and no one visits them, the problem is they appear in google when you search Nastie, Koomit or Flamela Records. Please help me.



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